Pool Contractor in Celina

At Next Gen Custom Pools, we know there is nothing better than sitting poolside with your friends and family in your Celina backyard on a hot day, so we strive to be the industry-leading pool contractor you can always trust. We specialize in tailoring your investment to your distinct taste, from large oases to cozy places to take a nice dip.

Our custom fiberglass pools feature shapes, sizes, and styles that match your high expectations and the unique layout of your property. Would you like to see our portfolio, which contains photographs of our recent work? Check out our gallery.

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Innovative Pool Builders

As some of the region's best-rated pool builders, we are committed to staying up to date on all local building codes and safety regulations. This means you don't have to worry about applying for permitting, zoning checks, site inspections, and zoning review plans on your own. We'll take care of these details on your behalf, helping to expedite the process.

Once permits are in hand, we make sure your site is prepped and ready for construction. This way, work can begin on schedule, and we can meet the quick turnaround times you desire.

Our innovative design team is up for challenges of all types. The sky is virtually the limit when you work with our seasoned professionals. From custom shapes to specific types of finishing details, we bring your extraordinary vision to life.

We'd love to hear your design ideas during a no-obligation consultation. Reach out by dialing (828) 640-1280 to set up an appointment.

Experienced Pool Installers

Take an ordinary landscape and make it extraordinary when you work with pool installers with a wealth of experience. Each of our installation technicians is licensed and insured, as well as equipped with the right tools and machinery to make way for a streamlined pool that you'll love for many years to come.

We are experts at removing large quantities of soil while respecting the rest of your property and your neighbors.

Once the ground is ready, our fiberglass pool installation process goes quickly. You'll start to see it take form right before your eyes. Before you know it, we'll be putting the finishing touches on it, and then you'll be getting ready to take a swim. 

Impeccable installation means your pool will function well and last longer. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Pool Remodeling

When an existing water feature just isn't cutting it anymore, we're the pool remodeling specialists you can count on to transform drab swimming holes into spectacular, inviting, and stylish areas for you to entertain family and friends. We specialize in remodels of all types, from expanding and resurfacing the existing structure to changing the layout and location of your pool entirely. Find out more during a no-obligation consultation with our dedicated team.

Hire the Best Pool Builders

Next Gen Custom Pools maintains our solid reputation as Celina's best-rated pool builders by working closely with you to develop and implement innovative pool designs. The custom work we provide allows you to enjoy a swimming experience that is unique to your home.

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