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If you are looking to add some color to your property, the exterior brick painting services of Blessing Pro Painters are just a phone call away. Promising lasting results, competitive rates, and client-centered service from start to finish, we’re the painting contractors for you.

Schedule a consultation with the leading painting professionals by calling (828) 640-1280. We’re here to answer questions, address concerns, and add a dash of color to your property’s exteriors.

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Blessing Pro Painters’s Standout Brick Painting Services

Our brick painting services stand out for all the right reasons. Whether you just need to touch up your brickwork, paint freshly laid brick, or remove grit and grime prior to repainting, you’ll be more than thrilled with our approach—and the results.

Exterior Painting: Color Selection Made Easy

Choosing the perfect color for your exterior can be overwhelming, but our exterior painting services make it easy. Our experts guide you through the color selection process, allowing you to consider your style, the surrounding architecture, and the environment.

Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and flair. We will make the color selection process an enjoyable part of your home improvement journey.

Quick Turnarounds on Painting Services

We conduct our painting services with an eye on the clock. Our skilled professionals deliver efficient painting services without compromising on quality. From our thorough surface preparation to the final brushstroke, we streamline the process to minimize disruption to your daily life. Experience the convenience of prompt and reliable painting services today.

Brick Painting: Results That Last

An investment in exterior brick painting should be an investment in lasting results. Our skilled team specializes in painting work that stands the test of time. How do we do it? We use high-quality paints and proven techniques to enhance both the visual appeal and durability of your exterior brick surfaces.

Our meticulous approach ensures an even, long-lasting finish. Trust us to transform your brick exterior into an eye-catching and weather-resistant surface.

Brick Paint: A Smart Upgrade

Brick houses are elegant, beautiful, and charming. There’s nothing more classic than a brick house, but a fresh coat of paint is the perfect upgrade to a classic look. Exterior brick painting is a popular way to change the look of a brick house and give it some unique flair. It’s also relatively cheap, making it a great way to give your home exterior a facelift without breaking the bank.

A painted brick wall is a great choice for many reasons:

  • It makes your home stand out
  • Increases its value
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Protects from weather damage
  • Covers up any imperfections or damage
  • And of course, gives you your choice of color

Painting Your Brick House

Brick houses aren’t just beautiful—they’re often important pieces of history. However, with age, brick can crack and crumble. Replacing a brick wall is expensive and difficult. Painting your brick exterior is a cost-saving alternative. If you own a historical brick home, you can be sure that Blessing Pro Painters will treat it with care and attention. We’ll use our special techniques to preserve its historical value while also making it look great. Blessing Pro Painters uses only the best quality tools and supplies in all our work.

How We Do It

For brick painting work, we use special masonry paint designed to stand up to the elements of harsh weather, such as snow, rain, and even extreme heat. Masonry paint is the perfect way to protect your brick wall, and make cleaning and maintenance easy. We also offer spray painting technology. For this we use a special spray tool designed to hit those hard-to-reach spots on your brick wall. Spray painting your brick wall will cover every nook and cranny for a smooth and sleek finish.

Brick Painting 101: Paint Removal Made Easy

Are you looking to do away with the layers of paint, grit, and grime that cover your exterior brick walls? We can help you. We are the painting contractors who go the distance when readying your walls for a fresh coat of paint.

Before we revitalize your brick exteriors with a fresh coat of paint, we will remove old paint with care. Our painting contractors deploy proven techniques to strip away layers of previous coatings, ensuring a smooth and clean surface for the fresh application of paint.

We begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify the most suitable removal method. This could be sandblasting, chemical stripping, or power washing. Our process will be sure to eradicate old paint while also addressing underlying issues such as moisture damage, moss, excess dirt, and more.

Brick Painting at a Fair Cost

The cost of exterior brick painting can vary depending on the size and location of your house. We know how expensive it is to remodel your home, and we strive to keep our prices fair. As professionals, it’s our duty to give you the best possible work at the best possible price. At the end of the day, we feel that a job well done is always worth it. Feel free to contact us for an estimate or consultation. We’re always happy to listen to your ideas and answer your questions.

Our Commitment to Quality

What can you expect from Blessing Pro Painters? Integrity. We’re a local company comprised of a hardworking and skilled staff. We have strong values of quality workmanship and attention to detail. We know your home is important to you, and we care. You may have questions about the process or need more information. That’s why we’ll consult with you and listen to your ideas and concerns. Nothing is more important to us than keeping our customers happy. We promise to treat your home with respect and care––and we always clean up afterwards.

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Let our painting company be the one you work with when you want results that withstand the North Carolina weather. Give your brick house a new lease on life. Call Blessing Pro Painters for the best brick painting services. Our phone number is (828) 640-1280 and we cannot wait to serve you.

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